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Distance Learning Nutrition Course for Children.

Diet, Nutrition and Exercise for Children Level 3

One of our newest courses and very apt at this time. The Diet, Nutrition and Exercise for Children Level 3 course is aimed at anyone wanting to do the best for the nutritional needs of their children, or anyone in a position to advise children or parents on this important subject.

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Animal Care Online Course From £49.99

Animal Care Online Course From £49.99

This course would be great for a pet owner, but would also be enormously useful to anyone who works with animals in a professional capacity (dog walker, kennels worker, veterinary assistant). It would be perfect as a piece of CPD (Continuing Professional Development), or as an initial training package.

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We are delighted to offer our A Levels, IGCSEs and a selection of IT courses for Online Study, as an alternative to traditonal printed materials or DVDs.

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Best Selling Courses

Webmaster - JavaScript Level 4 Online Course

The Webmaster - JavaScript Online Course has been developed to introduce students to the fundamentals of JavaScript (an object-based, event-driven Web programming language), which tightly integrates with HTML.


Beginners Web Design Course Level 3

This is an interesting and rewarding course that can start you on the road to a new career in web design. The course is jargon free and teaches you the basics of web design in step-by-step easy to understand stages. Full tutor support all the way.


Introduction to Property Development Level 3

Homes Under the Hammer is my favourite. What's yours? Just one of the highly successful property development programmes gracing our TV screens at the moment. Why? Because Property Development is fascinating, can be a very exciting and potentially rewarding career, and could make you very rich indeed! But before entering the challenging world of property development, you will need to get a basic grounding in the subject and that's what this unique Distance Learning Property Development course gives you.


Counselling and Psychotherapy Level 4

This advanced course is designed for those with a keen interest in this demanding subject. Through the course you will learn about the key aspects of providing a responsible and informed service to those with a range of mental health issues.


Community, Mental Health and Psychiatry Level 4

This Distance Learning Mental Health and Psychiatry course is designed for anyone with an interest in Mental Health; particularly those who wish to become counsellors, therapists, social workers or find employment in other similar roles.


Project Management Level 3

Project management is a fascinating area of study because it is so wide ranging. During this course you will look at a tremendously diverse range of subject areas from management, quality, finance, health and safety, planning etc etc. All of which you will have to know something about in order to be a good project manager.


We have distance learning courses for home study including a wide range of vocational, A level and IGCSE courses and a good selection of IT and software specific courses.

Most include tutor support and certification on successful completion, and students all ages can enrol. If you can put aside a few hours a week to study, you can gain valuable skills for your CV.

Learning at home is convenient and flexible and does not require you to attend any classes at college.

Of course, there are limitations to what you can actually study as most distance learning courses have to be theory only. This is fine if you are already working and need to underpin your practical knowledge. In other cases students may volunteer their services to obtain experience and supervision, but distance and home learning still offers many benefits that make it easier for people to further their education while also holding down a job or leading a busy family life at the same time.  There's a growing acceptance now that it is never too late to learn. 

Distance learning can help to:

  • Gain certification to back up years of practical experience
  • Improve job and career prospects
  • Explore an interest or passion
  • Facilitate a way into self-employment
  • Learn and improve software skills

Getting an education is often the quickest way to increase the earnings potential, and distance learning can offer people the flexibility to study around a full time job.

About EZ Learning

Established as a successful web design company since 2001, 20-20 Web Design were fortunate in being asked to write a home study web design course for a leading distance learning provider.

The course sold very well and in 2006 we launched our own e-commerce site selling the Beginners Web Design Course, plus a range of IT and Management training courses.

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